The best credit for retirees and pensioners

Many financiers offer credits, of which few offer credits for retirees and pensioners. Among them, how to choose the best option, according to your needs? Here are some reasons to make a good decision about your next credit.

Some financiers have an agreement with only one or two institutions.
Good Credit has alliances and agreements that offer its credits to retirees and pensioners of the IMSS, ISSSTE, Pemex, CFE, and even to IMSS and SCT workers.

Small or large credit


Because they are retirees or pensioners, many financiers do not grant them large credits, but rather small ones.
Good Credit offers credits from $ 3,000 to $ 150,000, to be used for whatever you want.

Financial companies do not always have comfortable payment plans for their clients.
Good Credit offers the possibility of paying credit for 12, 18 or 24 months, depending on the amount thereof. Thus, you can pay your credit without compromising your personal finances.

Quick and easy procedure

Usually making your credit application is a tedious process that can take a long time.
With Good Credit, you just have to call 01800 022 0884 or write a whats at 55 3923 8866 so that one of the executives will make the request with you.

Response and same day deposit

Many times it is necessary to wait several days to have an answer or for the financial one to deposit the credit money in your account.
If you request your credit by phone or by Whats, Good Credit responds to your request in a maximum of 2 hours and deposits you in about six.

Fixed and direct payments


With some financiers, you may have to make your credit payments at a branch. This implies moving and investing time in it.
Good Credit has the direct debit modality so that payments are made automatically from your account and on time. Thus, in addition to saving time and effort, you will avoid late payment fees.

Additional benefits

Generally, no additional benefits are offered to customers along with their credit.
But Good Credit provides life insurance along with all its credits and the possibility of lending its customers more money again in the third month if they need it.